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Jean-Paul Belmondo Net Worth

Jean-Paul Belmondo Net Worth

Name: Jean-Paul Charles Belmondo

Stage name: Jean-Paul Belmondo

Date of birth: April 9, 1933

Death: September 6, 2021

Birthplace: Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Net worth: $40 M

Jean-Paul Belmondo, was born on April 9, 1933 in Neuilly-sur-Seine and died September 6, 2021 in Paris 7th. He was a French actor, but also a film producer and theater director.

From mainstream popular films and independent cinema,he clearly leaned towards the first category, his cheeky Parisian titi and his stunts without lining quickly contribute to making him one of the most great stars of French cinema. He was a Box-office icon, like Louis de Funès and Alain Delon. Jean-Paul Belmondo has attracted nearly 160 million spectators to theaters during his fifty-year career. Between 1969 and 1982, he played four times in the most watched film of the year in France: Le Cerveau (1969), Peur sur la ville (1975), L’Animal (1977), L’As des as (1982), equaling Fernandel’s record, but not that of Louis de Funès.

He shot under the direction of great French directors such as Alain Resnais, Louis Malle, Philippe de Broca, Henri Verneuil, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol, François Truffaut, Claude Sautet, Jean-Pierre Melville, Claude Lelouch, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Georges Lautner, Gérard Oury or even Alexandre Arcady, as well as with a few foreign directors such as Vittorio De Sica, Mauro Bolognini or Peter Brook. Many of his films have become classics of French cinema, such as Breathless (1960), Léon Morin, Prêtre (1961), A Monkey in Winter (1962), L’Homme de Rio (1964), Cent Mille Dollars in the Sun (1964), Borsalino (1970), Le Casse (1971), Le Magnifique (1973) or Le Professionnel (1981).

For his career, he received a Palme d’honneur during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

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